Personal Mementos



How I came in. When I was eleven, for about a New York minute, I wanted to become a nun. I quickly got, at that time, that maybe the ‘obedient’ part wasn’t my cup of tea. The ‘religious’ part wasn’t but the ‘spiritual’ aspect was a Big pull. Still is. I came in that way.

What makes me tic, what turns me on? The desire to Know how it is, how it works, at the very deep place. Quantum Physics beats beautifully and heavily at the door. The other is the Theatre. Out of the womb and into the theatre.

My life provided me ample opportunity to explore both of these aspects: Acting and Philosophy. My deepest loves and ambitions. And now: ‘Pumping Poop’. I just love that I ‘get’ that it’s all the same! I just love that everything true is about getting ‘down and dirty’, taking care of business, and coming up Roses!

What I believe. “Someone asked us recently, ‘Is there any limitation to the body’s ability to heal?’ And we said, None, other than the belief that you hold. And he said, ‘Then why aren’t people growing new limbs?’ And we said, Because no one believes that they can.” -Abraham

It’s not about getting stuck and staying there. It’s about the Epiphany of Rising like the Phoenix out of the ashes of ignorance. It’s about Risking and being willing to do what it takes. It’s about getting messy and ruining yourself, sometimes.

We get glimpses. What we get to have is a Knowing of what Incredibly Great Beings we really are. It’s all in how we perceive it.

So I am a believer. I believe we can make magic and miracles. We are made in that Image and Likeness. That’s the bottom line of me.

Baby and grownup Thea Grace and Thea Kingsley
The Adoption

When I was 45, after I had completed my last New York City Marathon – I began, as a single woman, the process of adopting an infant from Asuncion, Paraguay, no less!. When I was 46, I was on my way, with a suitcase full of baby bottles and every kind of nipple in existence, and an inflatable baby bathtub and the ‘correct’ rubber duckie. The ‘correct’ rubber duckie was the one that was on Sesame Street. We lost Big Bird but I always bought things in twos, but then we lost that one, also. I spent a small fortune on Big Birds. And we still don’t have one. Thea doesn’t mind. I’m the one who still obsesses over Big Bird. Then, of course, Thea had to have Burt and Ernie so she could strap them in — within an inch of their lives — into her baby stroller, fully equipped with diapers, bottles, snacks, and a very big purse. This was key. And the purse had to be stuffed. Otherwise, we could not leave the apartment. We lived in New York City.
That’s enough about me for now…


Do you love getting up in the morning? Are you filled with energy, enthusiasm, excitement? And the fourth ‘E’: Are you Engaged? And I don’t mean ‘to be married’. Are you involved in Life? If not, you need a house cleaning – AN INSIDE JOB. Are you up for it? If not, you are dying a little.  It’s your choice. I can assist, guide. I am interested in Quality of Daily Life. I am interested in Radiant Health.

-radiant health is an inside job