Aging Hot

Aging Hot, A Different Frequency

AGING HOT a different frequency Created by Grace Kingsley

radiant health is an inside job

This is not a separate cleansing program from my other cleansing programs.                          But depending on the age and the wellness of the person, I adjust them to fit-the-human. This is not different than I would do for anyone, any age!
BUT I am ‘paying attention’ in a different way:

I am suggesting  a different frequency & unprecedented paradigm for Life after the Middle Ages. Historically, we’re Ready & Ripe to See differently! BTW : Even if you’re in your 20’s, you’ll never be Too Young to Age Hot!

I’m in my 74th year and I’m redefining aging for myself and for whomever might wish to push that envelope. How? I’m focusing on saying Yes! I’m aiming at fun.
I’m aiming for laugh riot!

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Everyone in the above photos has full-time work: Two published writers, two teachers, and an artist

Aging Hot a different frequency program is a Longevity Program like no other. Why? Because it’s not focused on Longevity, it focuses on Quality and Fun of Daily Life! It is grounded in Rejuvenation of the body and perceptions of the mind. We alter diet, we cleanse ‘til we’re squeaky clean, exercise more than we dreamed we could, revamp, rethink what we’re choosing to believe and the way we perceive. We allow no ancient mindset to interfere with our goals. This means embracing your risk-taking, renegade, spiritual, erotic, and Phoenix nature. Explore just how terrific it’s possible to feel.


The program pushes the envelope of how you think, believe, feel, and vibrate to change your currently held beliefs, concepts, paradigms, and images on aging. I am Personally Experienced in Knowing that aging does not mean required weight gain, exhaustion, depression. Whether you’re 25 or 85, Aging can mean you feel and look younger. I want you to feel great, the way I do!

Discover the fun of embracing life, love, and who you are – toe hairs, warts and all! Just say ‘YES’.

If you have ever been called
defiant, incorrigible, forward,
cunning, insurgent, unruly,
rebellious, you’re on the right track.
-Clarissa Pinkola Estes