The Mental Field: from Become Younger


radiant health is an inside job

The Mental Field

Norman Wardhaugh Walker January 4, 1886 – June 6, 1985 was an English-American businessman and pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing and nutritional health. He advocated the drinking of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices both to regain and to maintain one’s health. Based on his design, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer was developed. This juicer continues to be produced and sold today. Walker wrote several books on nutrition and healthy living. He was very ill when he was young, but lived to be age 99. And he was a young 99.

Excerpt from his book Become Younger:

“Just as you are what you eat, so also you are as young or as old as you feel. Years have nothing whatever to do with a person’s age, except in so far as it records the passage of time. One an be old at 30, and one can be young at 70.

The condition of the body is the direct result of the mental and physical care it has had in the past. I emphasize the MENTAL care, because the state of mind is of vital importance in the condition of every person. One cannot have health and think constantly of ailments and sickness. One cannot be happy and at the same time be wrapped in thoughts of gloom. One cannot be young and be obsessed with the fear of the ravages of old age.

To be young means having all or most of the attributes of youth, health, energy, vitality and perpetual laughter on the lips and in the eyes. It means being genial, cordial, courteous and polite to everybody, irrespective of creed, color or social status. It means being constantly active, with many irons in the fire if necessary, so that there shall never be one moment which will weigh heavily on one’s hands.

This is the mental field in which we must work in order to Become Younger.”