Intro to Colon Hydrotherapy for Men

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here. Colon Hydrotherapy may seem like a new type of practice but it has it’s roots long before Christ. The earliest dating back to 1700 B.C.

In the late 70’s and 80’s when I began my practice most of my clients for yoga and massage therapy were women. As the years passed the percentage of men slowly increased for yoga and massage. Today, I can joyfully say that almost half my clients in those areas are men. These men have seen how liberating it can be to allow yourself into the realms of alternative healing, well being & the ancient practices of yoga to further the evolution of body, mind & spirit. My goal is to see the same transformation happen for Colon Hydrotherapy. Men can benefit greatly in this area, it’s true.

Unfortunately, many Colon Hydrotherapists gear their marketing toward women only. I however have been an advocate of equality, not only for women, but especially for men in the case of Colon Hydrotherapy. The more we are equal in all that is available for humanity, the more free we are in all our relationships.

I encourage men to look beyond stereotypes or what may seem to be present societal hesitations. Be among those same men of wisdom who were the barrier breakers within the scope of Yoga and Massage. Reach for opportunities to far superior health, rejuvenation, and consciousness. Yes, Colon Hydrotherapy as it removes toxic waste from the body has the potential to offer not only radiant health, but deeper clarification of thought, and of mind. Higher Consciousness, if you will.

This is a journey in which I can be of assistance.
I encourage you to read more about Colon Hydrotherapy and how it can benefit you.
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